'It is always a pleasure to collaborate with you.'

Abram de Swaan

'A special word of thanks goes to our translator Beverley Jackson for her fine translation of our text, which improved in the process, and for her excellent rendering of complicated eighteenth-century Dutch prose and poetry'

Joost Kloek and Wijnand Mijnhardt

‘The book was translated from the Dutch by Beverley Jackson, not only an excellent translator but also a very critical reader, from whose comments I learnt a great deal.’

Hugo van der Velden

‘Thanks to Beverley, the process of seeing the translation unfold was more than a feast – or a frown – of recognition, it became a new intellectual exercise . . . Her feeling for language and her enthusiastic response [to the subject] could not but enhance the text.’

Elsbeth Locher-Scholten

‘It was an inspiring experience to work together with the translator, Beverley Jackson. Discussions on words and phrases, and their meaning, went well beyond language problems and even the theme of this book, and provided plenty of food for thought.’

Marieke Bloembergen

‘My thanks go next to Beverley Jackson, who translated my words with a care and intelligence that make this book hers as well as mine.’

Jan Van der Stock