My Background

Beverley Ruth Jackson; born in London, England on 21 June 1951

Translation experience

I worked as a part-time translator for the Translations Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from April 1989 until January 2006. This department translates and corrects policy papers and other texts for virtually all government departments in the Netherlands. My fields included public international law (human rights issues), art and culture, education, history, medical and social issues and development cooperation. I have also been working as an independent translator (Dutch-English) since 1989, and in February 2006 I gave up my government job to devote myself entirely to my own business. I prepare PhD dissertations for a general readership, and translate a great many other academic texts in which literary style is a major factor, primarily in the fields of art history, history, sociology and biography. Besides a great many articles and exhibition catalogues I have translated the following books:

Jackie Reardon and Hans Dekkers, Mindset in Daily Life, Mindset Publishers, 2013

Koen Brosens, The Constantine Series, Harvey Miller Publishers (Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard; 2012)

Coert Krabbe and Hillie Smit, The Mayor’s Residence: Herengracht 502 in Amsterdam, Thoth 2011

Brusse, P.G. and Mijnhardt, W.W., Towards a new template for Dutch history: De-urbanization and the balance between city and countryside. Waanders, 2011

Willem Otterspeer, Reading Huizinga, Amsterdam University Press, 2011

Herman Hertzberger and Abram de Swaan, The Schools of Herman Hertzberger, 010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2009

Jeroen Blaak, Literacy in Everyday Life: Reading and Writing in Early Modern Dutch Diaries, Leiden/Boston 2009

Xander van Eck, Clandestine Splendour. Painting for the Catholic Church in the Dutch Republic, Waanders, 2008

Jackie Reardon and Hans Dekkers, Mindset, Tirion Publishers 2007/2008

Dirk van Delft, Freezing Physics: Heike Kamerlingh Onnes and the Quest for Cold, KNAW Amsterdam 2007

Marieke Bloembergen, Colonial Spectacles: The Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies at the World Exhibitions, 1880-1931, Singapore University Press, 2006

Paul van der Velde, A Lifelong Passion: P.J. Veth (1814-1895) and the Dutch East Indies, KITLV, 2006

Quentin Buvelot et al., Frans van Mieris 1635-1681, Waanders, 2005

Joost Kloek and Wijnand Mijnhardt, 1800: Blueprints for a National Community. Royal Van Gorcum / Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

Elsbeth Locher-Scholten, Sumatran Sultanate and Colonial State. Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University Press 2003

Annet Mooij, Doctors of Amsterdam: Patient Care, Medical Training and Research (1650-2000). Amsterdam University Press, 2002.

Hugo van der Velden, The Donor's Image: Gerard Loyet and the Votive Portraits of Charles the Bold. Brepols Publishers, 2000.

Abram de Swaan, Human Societies: An Introduction. Polity Press, 2000.

Jan-Willem Gerritsen, The Control of Fuddle and Flash: A Sociological History of the Regulation of Alcohol and Opiates. Brill, 2000.

Maarten van Bottenburg, Global Games. University of Illinois Press, 2000.

Annet Mooij, Out of Otherness: Characters and Narrators in the Dutch Venereal Disease Debates 1850-1990. Wellcome/Rodopi, 1998.

Jan van der Stock, Printing Images in Antwerp: The Introduction of Printmaking in a City, Fifteenth Century to 1585. Sound & Vision Interactive, 1998.

Luc Nagtegaal, Riding the Dutch Tiger: The Dutch East Indies Company and the Northeast Coast of Java, 1680-1743. KITLV Press, 1996.

Willeke Jeeninga, The East Indies House and St Jorishof. Waanders, 1995.

Bram Kempers, Painting, Power and Patronage: The Rise of the Professional Artist in the Italian Renaissance. Penguin, 1994.

Reinout Vos, Gentle Janus, Merchant Prince: The VOC and the Tightrope of Diplomacy in the Malay World, 1740-1800. KITLV Press, 1993.

Other work experience

From 1985 to 1989 I was an assistant lecturer in English literature at the University of Amsterdam. I taught introductory classes in prose and poetry as well as lectures on literary theory to first-year undergraduates and led seminars on Shakespeare for third-year undergraduates.

From 1975 to 1982 I taught at Dutch secondary schools: after teaching mathematics for one year I taught English in Amsterdam for several years.


Higher education

Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Amsterdam.

Masters degree (doctoraalexamen) (cum laude) 1985

Stichting Nutsseminarium, University of Amsterdam.

Secondary school teaching certificate A in English language (1977); Secondary school teaching certificate B in English language and literature (1982)

London School of Economics, University of London

B.Sc. Part I mathematics (foundation course) (1970)

Secondary school

Hove County Grammar School for Girls, Hove, Sussex, England.

Certificates: 8 'O' levels, 3 'A' levels (maths, further maths & physics; 1969)